A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ripper Rideshare is a top-down 2D driving puzzle game where you are the GPS! Guide your vehicle with the help of your Australian nav partner to deliver your passengers safely while avoiding strange and unexpected traffic obstacles. You only have 60 seconds, so complete fares quickly to extend your time, and collect the most money possible!

Made in 48 hours on the trains from Brisbane to Melbourne during Locomojam 2019!

Team Credits

Juan José Alvarez - Artist
Axel Kennedy - Lead Programmer
Matthew Deline - Producer/Designer
Michelle Ginnivan - Designer/Writer/Voice Artist
Oliver Taylor - UI Programmer

Install instructions

Download and extract RipperRideshareWindows.zip and run locomojam-19.exe

Mac OS X
Download and extract RipperRideshareMac.zip and open RipperRideshareMac to play.


RipperRideshareWindows.zip 33 MB
RipperRideshareMac.zip 33 MB

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